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Spafford & Lincoln is an award-winning consulting firm, helping campaigns, companies and causes achieve their path to victory, specializing on the ground game. From helping win local, congressional, and U.S. Senate campaigns to launching PR programs for non-profits and companies, we know that winning starts with building organizational discipline to execute persuasion programs effectively and consistently. Today, our programs have reached over 10 million voters, and we have organized and coordinated action for 100,000+ volunteers nationwide.
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Award Winning Consulting Firm
American Association of Political Consultants

Since 2011, our team has been on the ground helping win competitive campaigns and achieving extraordinary results for complicated projects. We aim to address today's most challenging problems - one campaign at a time.
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Telling Your Story, with Overwhelming Force.

In less than 72 hour, we coordinated dozens of stakeholder groups to help host U.S President Bill Clinton - organizing over 14,000 participants.

Helping Achieve Clarity
in Your Path to Victory

Success starts with understanding your path to victory and the costs of achieving your objectives. We start with data-driven diagnostics to understand your SWOT and the current landscape, then we help create a baseline for data-driven programs and strategies to help achieve your path to victory.
- Campaign Consulting & Campaign Management
- Organization Development & Optimization
- Data Analytics, Targeting, & Strategy  
- Lead Generation, Cultivation, & Capitalization
- Direct Voter Persuasion & Conversion
- Communications, Ads, Media & Digital Marketing
- Public Relations & Supporter Base Building

Winning the Ground Game,
One Person
at a Time.

As of today, Spafford & Lincoln has recruited, trained, deployed and managed over 5,000+ campaign interns, and canvassing operatives nationwide.

Organizing the organizers, and reaching more people than your competition.

Strategic Voter Contact & Persuasion
- 2 Way Voter Persuasion Programs (Door-to-Door, Phone or Text)
- Higher Value Pledge Solicitations (Lawn Sign, Emails, RSVPs, Donor Pledge)
- Voter Turnout Multi-Engagement Strategies (GOTV Ballot Confirmation)
- Micro-Targeted Scripts/Messaging for Key Demographic Groups
- Deploying & Managing Paid & Commission Based Canvassing Programs

Field & Political Organizing Programs
- Relational Organizing Voter Turnout Programs (Vote Triplers)
- Precinct Captain & Virtual Voter Captains
- Campaign Committee & Working Group (Creation & Management)
- Volunteer Recruitment, OnBoarding, Activation, Servicing & Training
- Volunteer/Partner driven Days of Action, Kick-Offs &/or Lobby Days
Public Relations & Base Building
- Procuring & Publishing Letters to the Editor from Supporters
- Facilitating Base Stakeholder Meeting & Activation
- Facilitating Neighborhood Meetings & Campaign House Parties

- Procuring & Publishing Video Testimonials from Supporters
- Rapid Response for Social Media Platforms
The United States Capitol, or Capitol Building (Washington, USA) isolated on white backgro

Flipping the
& White House

Helping Take Back the U.S. Senate & White House

With canvassing greatly curtailed due to the pandemic in 2020, phone banking became one of the key tools for directly reaching voters. Our focus was to build a national virtual action center leveraging the power of relational organizing and virtual engagement. We hosted hundreds of phone banks in community-building Zoom rooms, many featuring special guests. We partners with over 200 organizations co-hosting ongoing phone banks week after week, where they could gather with their own members in specialized breakout rooms, where we provided training and tech support. We developed a robust training program for every kind of device volunteers used, and launched a Postcard-to-Phone-Bank program, focusing on people less comfortable with phone banks. At our peak, we ran 40 hours a week of specialized phone banks over Zoom to Get Out the Vote in October. To make the process easy for all, we also developed state-specific toolkits that provided individual volunteers and organizations with all the resources they needed to make calls on their own. When facing down the final 100 days of a campaign radically transformed by the coronavirus pandemic, we helped instigated and co-host Training to Win, a three-hour marathon training event featuring workshops, seminars, and discussions aimed at preparing Democratic activists to meet the challenges of organizing in 2020. It was a smashing success. We were the impetus and central organizer of the event, bringing together national partners like Indivisible, Sister District Project, SwingLeft, and Women’s March Action. More than 3,000 activists learned about virtual tactics, deep canvassing, and relational organizing, helping them build relationships for victory.

Bringing Together Indivisible, Swing Left, & Sister District Project Leadership for Training to Win 2020

Training to Win Speakers Including:
- Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi
- Congresswomen Karen Bass
- Congressman Adam Schiff
- Pod Save America Dan Pfeiffer
- Indivisible: Leah Greenberg
- Sister District: Rita Bosworth
- Swing Left: Ethan Todras Whitehill
Facing the final 100 days of a campaign radically transformed by the pandemic, we helped organize Training to Win 2020, providing a series of workshops and seminars aiming to help activists both on the ground and the digital landscape achieve results.  We helped over 3,000 activists learn about virtual voter engagement tactics, deep canvassing and relational organizing, and we helped cultivate the national organizing committee for victory.
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