Spafford & Lincoln is an award-winning management consulting firm specializing in battleground political campaigns and business development initiatives. Leveraging best-practices from multiple industry sectors, Spafford & Lincoln integrates proven and innovative strategies to deliver superior results. With a deep bench of experienced Partners, Associates and Managers, Spafford & Lincoln aims to solve today's most challenging problems - one campaign at a time.
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The Strategy for Taking Back the U.S. House of Representatives

Since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, grassroots activists and leaders across the nation organized at an unprecedented scale. The "Activist Class of 2016," inspired a series of progressive initiatives and organizations that have since run parallel with traditional campaign groups like the Democratic Party and labor unions to help flip 24 congressional districts, and defeat the Republican Party in the 2018 midterm elections.

During the 2018 cycle, we experienced record-level grassroots organizing and engagement in traditionally Republican leaning congressional districts. We believe the combination from the energy and sophistication of activist leaders, in coordination with the operational execution provided by field campaigns like Flip the 14 helped move the needle on the ground for many priority battleground congressional districts in California. In addition to providing technical and operational support for activists in battleground districts, Flip the 14 focused on specialized voting demographics such as “midterm skippers,” LatinX voters, newly registered voters, and bilingual voters - helping fill both a gap, while optimizing the program-to-volunteer user experience, an important strategy to the success of our rapid organizational growth and retention in 2018. Flip the 14 reached over 1.5 million voters in the key battleground districts, utilizing voter contact programs such as postcarding and relational organizing, in addition to traditional phonebanking and door-to-door canvassing. Spafford & Lincoln is proud to have
participated in Flip the 14's management and operations team - running a full time call center operation, managing double digit battleground organizers and help deploying 5,000+ volunteers.
Taking control of the U.S. House has been a major blow to Donald Trump and affirmation of the strategies used during the midterms for future elections, such as the campaign to help flip the U.S. Senate in 2020.

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Winning Battleground Campaigns

Spafford & Lincoln specializes in  spearheading campaigns and projects that are inherently challenging to win. Despite the intrinsic disadvantages, with the combination of deploying proven best-practices, innovative strategies and strengthening operational excellence, Spafford & Lincoln provides clarity in the pathway-to-victory, and ultimately superior results.